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A Grounded Life with Brooke Kelly

A Grounded Life with Brooke Kelly

On this edition of A Grounded Life Journal we sit down with Sydney based Clinical Nutritionist Brooke Kelly. When the food lover isn't serving up the most delicious recipes and invaluable nutrition advice, you can find her co-hosting The Inside Scoop Podcast which aims to make wellness digestible with evidence based tools. Please enjoy as we chat trials, sanctuaries, cooking and travel in this very nutritious edition. 

Where do you call home?

Home is my little flat in Paddington, Sydney. It’s placed at the top of the hill with a north-facing sunroom that lights up the entire living area. The best part is the giant bi-fold windows that open all the way out and allow for a beautiful harbour breeze to swing through everyday. It’s had a little facelift internally, whilst still keeping the original detailed art deco ceilings. I love where I live, it’s my sanctuary. 

What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Home to me is the place that you share with not only yourself, but the special people in your life. I always have an open door policy and love having a house full of people - Cooking for friends and family is my love language.

What are the elements that help you transform a house to your home?

A house is a showroom, but a home is perfectly imperfect. I love to keep things clean and minimal, yet embellished with pops of personality. The juxtaposition between the two is what creates character and makes a space beautiful. 

What creative projects find you most excited and energized?

Cooking - It’s my life’s purpose and my favourite creative outlet. 

Which life and/or work projects are most proud of?

Growing my business from the ground up as a young person is something I am really proud of. After feeling unmotivated and lost in my career direction, I never would have thought I’d be doing what I loved most and get to call it work! I really do believe that when you have a purpose, no matter the setbacks and difficult periods, you will find a way to continue building it. 

Could you share with us some personal insights into a challenging time in your life?

As a young person I fell very ill with a gut infection called ‘C-Difficile’that went undiagnosed for a whole year. I spent months in and out of hospital and had great health difficulties for years after. It was the hardest experience I have ever gone through.   

What did you learn about yourself throughout this challenge?

I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. It taught me to be resilient, it gave me personal insight into my inner strength and determination and it is the reason I do what I do - I am very grateful for it. Life is so precious. Smell the roses, take that risk and do all the things you want to! 

What type of activities or rituals do you instil to help you remain Grounded?

I love the stillness of the morning. This year, I’ve started to wake up before the sunrise - It’s this little gap in my day that I have all to myself. I make my coffee, write or go outside to move my body. It gives me energy and focus for the day ahead. 

What is the best life advice you have been given?

Two things - 

  1. Trust your gut ALWAYS. 9/10 times it’s correct.
  2. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. 

Favourite travel destination for Grounding yourself:

There’s something about the sun, sea and food in the south of Italy. I am already organising my dreams of retirement to the Amalfi coast! 

One city must-do travel tip:

Sitting at a coffee shop people-watching teaches a lot about a new place. 

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