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Planet Outdoor Collection

Planet Outdoor Collection

Planet Outdoor Collection

100% Recycled Global Plastic

Grounded Rugs is proud to be working towards reducing global plastic waste by producing our first Non Dyed PET rug collection. 100% recycled plastic PET Yarn sourced from global plastic waste that is broken down into flakes, then to fibre and finally spun to yarn that looks and feels like wool.

The PET Yarn is then hand braided to our specific Burma Sumac braid to create a non dyed contemporary non staining and UV resistant outdoor/indoor rug for any environment. The beauty of this PET fibre, whilst not only contributing to the recycling of global plastic waste, is that should any spills occur simply hose off and let dry in sun. 

These non dyed rugs are made for full outdoor conditions and also given their softness and contemporary braid look absolutely beautiful as indoor rugs that are susceptible to spills and stains! 

Pet Yarn Circularity

PET bottles are sorted from other recyclable plastics such as PVC and HDPE

Bales of recycled bottles are then sorted manually or automatically on the basis of colour

The plastic is washed in a sterilising bath then the clean containers are dried and crushed into tiny flakes

The flakes are washed again and become the raw material for the new product: PET Yarn

Flakes are melted in a vat and forced through spinnerets to produce PET fibres

Spinning of PET fibres into PET Yarn

The yarn is hand braided at Grounded's looming mill

Grounded is tightening the funnel to work towards using purely Australian plastic waste


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