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Ripple Obsidian

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A contemporary rug collection inspired by the beauty of ripples in organic sedimentary stone beds created by water or wind and encapsulating overall freedom of movement. Interior elements designed to last the testament of time and celebrate the beauty of flow and texture in one’s own sanctuary.

We’ve exceeded our normal Legacy pile height to provide a sumptuous and plush finish underfoot. The predominant fibre of bamboo silk offers a fluidity of movement with a soft luxurious sheen. Resembling real silk, with cool to touch breathability this fibre, unlike real silk, is considered  renewable and ethically produced. The design crescendos with the alternating ripple, composed of the highest quality New Zealand wool in a looped pile for a textural matte to lustre finish, with a cotton backing and binding.

This colour is Obsidian, a pure black.  

Composition and Construction: 

Fine Handloom with Loop Pile feature

50% Bamboo Silk

30% New Zealand Wool

20% Cotton Backing