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Prussian Blue Round

The lustrous and varied blues of the deep seas throughout Bass Strait provide the inspiration for Grounded’s stunning “Bass Prussian Blue”. 

This stunning piece, comprising of 80% TENCEL™ and 20% cotton, reflects the light and creates colour movement that spans from elegant Prussian blues to Indigo and Ink blues, dependent on which way the light is reflected upon the fibres. The overall effect is reminiscent of the depths of blues that move across the ocean and is one of contemporary elegance when placed within the home. 

When styling your TENCEL™ piece within the home we recommend rotating the piece as each rotation will provide a different depth of colour depending on which way the natural light bounces off the fibres.

This very limited production in a luxurious 300cm Round or 240x320cm and 300x400cm Rectangles would work beautifully in a lounge, master bedroom, luxurious dining, or, as we photographed here, within a large entryway.