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Freycinet Sand

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As part of Grounded's "Freycinet" trinity, please let us introduce you to the stunning "Freycinet Sand". This unique design evokes, both visual and tactile, memories of days spent at Bryan's Beach, one of the gorgeous cove beaches within Freycinet National Park.

The sands at many of the Park's beaches are the purest of white and when set against the rugged backdrop of the Hazards Mountain Range and the azure bay waters, the combination is truly mother nature at her most spectacular. 

"Freycinet Sand" has a beautiful composition of 50% certifiable TENCEL™, 30% wool and 20% cotton. TENCEL™, when combined with wool, provides and elegant low sheen visual, whist retaining softness underfoot. 

This Freycinet trinity collection is based on a very subtle high low ripple that runs horizontally throughout the rug providing a timeless, contemporary piece for within your home.

Composition and Construction: 

50% Certifiable Sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell from Lenzing, Austria

30% New Zealand Wool

20% Cotton Backing